Specifications for this Product



Delta Electric


SX2 series



Power Supply

24V DC

Number of Inputs

4 Digital Input and 2 Analog Input

Number of Outputs

2 Digital Output and 2 Analog Output

Max Input, Output Points


Analog Output Resolution

Bipolar 12 bit

Communication Ports

RS-232 and RS-485, Modbus ASCII/RTU master or slave

Pulse Output

1-50 kHz/1 CH-10 kHz



High-Speed Counter

Bandwidth 40 KHz

Program Capacity

8K Steps

Applications of this Product
It is used PID Temperature or Humidity Control.
2-axis AC Motor Drive Constant Speed Control.
Using an analog the signal is controlling the temperature.
Features of this Product
The Delta (DVP10SX11R) the programmable controller has a built-in mini USB. Execution speed is very high in this Delta (DVP10SX11R) PLC. It supports 2-axis linear and arc interpolation. The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) provides high-speed counters and high-speed interpolation. Program Capacity of this Delta PLC is almost 16K Steps.

Item Condition: New

Warranty: 12 Months

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1 /PCS

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100% original new

Delivery Time:

IN STOCK; 1-2 Days for ordering

Payment Terms:

MasterCard, Bkash, Rocket, Nexus

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Introduction of this Product
The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) Programmable Logic Controller is one kind of electronics micro size computer. The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) programmable controller is manufactured by Delta Electric. The origin of the Delta PLC in China.

Description of this Product
Mainly the Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) programmable logic controller used in industry and factory. The purpose of using this Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) programmable controller is the controlling machine. The Delta PLC DVP10SX11R checks the input device. The Delta PLC produces output according to the custom program. That customized program was given to the Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R).

Delta’s Programmable Logic Circuits come up with high performance. Delta’s DVP series PLC is the most high-speed PLC. Delta PLC is the most efficient and cost-effective. The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) programmable controller has incorporated capabilities. The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) is a slimline programmable controller. The Delta PLC includes numerous built-in expedient for simple operation access. It also allows communication for function monitoring.

The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) the programmable controller is the most complete network type advanced PLC in the industry. The Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) adopts a 32-bit CPU. The Delta PLC(DVP10SX11R) has 4 Digital Input, 2 Analog Input, 2 Digital Output, and 2 Analog Output. On the right side, the Delta PLC (DVP10SX11R) has clip-on extension modules. It has a Plug-in terminal. This Plug-in terminal provides ease for wiring and maintenance. It has also communication ports. These are RS-232 and RS-485.


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