Mitsubishi PLC CPU (FX1N-24MR-ES/UL) Brands Mitsubishi Product Model: FX1N-24MR-ES/UL




Combines the benefits of a micro sized controller with the modularity and processing power of larger PLC’s. The modular construction gives an I/O range from 14 to 128 and up to two special functions modules e.g. analogue I/O, can also be added to meet individual application requirements. In addition to the features already listed, the FX1N also offers the following:

Choice of 4 I/O sizes, expandable up to 128 I/O
89 applied instructions, 1536 auxiliary relays, 256 timers, 235 counters, 8000 data registers
8000 step EEPROM program memory (no backup battery required)
Two 100kHz pulse trains on transistor output type for motor positioning applications

Mitsubishi FX1S, FX1N & FX2N Base Units

The FX family of PLC’s has a proven development lineage spanning more than 10 years. The three current models, the FX1S, the FX1N and the FX2N, offer a range of processing speeds, number of applied (complex) instructions and options from 10 I/O up to 256 I/O.See the following ranges for suitable digital, analogue and communication expansion modules and programming software.

The following features are common to all three types:

All have 24Vdc inputs which can be configured as sink or source
27 basic instructions
Networking/communications ability using optional RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 modules
60kHz high speed counter
DIN rail or surface mount
Password security
Real time clock and Run/Stop switch built in
Choice of relay or transistor output models
Relay outputs rated 240Vac or 30Vdc, up to 2A per point max.
Transistor outputs rated 5V to 30Vdc, up to 0.5A per point max.
Program using GX developer FX software stock no.399-7806
Choice of ac or dc powered models (FX2N is ac only)
ac type supply voltage 100-240Vac +10% -15%, 50/60Hz
dc type supply voltage 24Vdc +20% -15%


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