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Product Description

The Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 is a programmable logic controller. It is manufactured by Delta PLC. The origin of the Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 is from China. The Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 is basically is used in Industry for the purpose of the Industrial Automation system. There is needed for this Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 programmable logic controller to controlling the machine. It is mainly checked the input device and produced output based on a custom program. That program is given to the Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 programmable controller.

In the new generation, DVP-SV2 PLC is the high-end model of the Delta DVP- S series. the Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 Programmable Controller offers larger program capacities and data registers for more demanding and complex applications. It provides high-speed pulse output. The Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 has 4 sets of 200 kHz pulse output. It supports a maximum of 4 hardware 200 kHz high-speed counters. The Delta Programmable Logic The controller increases many motion control instructions to fulfill the applications that require high-speed and high exactness positioning. It provides linear/arc interpolation motion control.

The Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2 provides up to 16 external interrupt pointers. It has complete program protection. The Delta PLC DVP28SV11S2 programmable logic controller provides an auto backup function to obstruct losing data and programs. It will work out even when the battery runs out. There is also a second auto backup function which also provides a backup for extra insurance in the event that one set of programs and data are wasted or damaged. There is a high-level password protection system in the Delta PLC DVP28SV11R2. Up to 4 level password protection system saves your program, data or intellectual property. It also supports the DVP-S series left side and right side modules.

There is also possible to add ETHRW instruction for Ethernet Communication.


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