Delta PLC Dvp-12SA211R


Brand: Delta
Origin: Made By Caina



Description of this Product

The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R is a Programmable Logic Controller. It is manufactured by Delta Electric. The origin of this Delta DVP12SA211R Programmable Logic Controller is China. In the industry and factory Delta PLC DVP12SA211R need a lot. It is needed for the purpose of Automation Systems. The Automation Systems means by, the Delta PLC makes electrical and mechanical systems run together. The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R has checked the input device when the automation system is running. It is produced output based on the custom program, which is given to the Delta PLC DVP12SA211R programmable controller.

The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R is the most efficient and high-speed programmable controller. And it has incorporated communication capabilities. It has an advantageous which is various kinds of built-in convenient instructions for easy operation access and communication function monitoring. The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R has module type expansion units. Because of this expansion unit, it is saved a lot of space, makes more simple than before. It is possible to add more expansion unit by clip-on. The Delta PLCs high performance and extension I/O points represent a perfect solution for machine control and industrial automation.

The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R Programmable Controller adopts 32-bit Central Processing Unit (CPU). It has a clip-on expansion module on the right side of the Delta PLC. Plug-in terminals for comport of maintenance and wiring. The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R has built-in high-speed counters. The high-speed counters up to 100 to 200 kHz. The DVP12SA211R has dual communication ports, which are RS-232 and RS-485 MODBUS ASCII/RTU compatible. In Delta PLC DVP12SA211R programmable controller use many kinds of programming language. These are the following: Instruction List, Ladder Diagram, Sequential function chart.

The Delta PLC DVP12SA211R slim type programmable controller offers larger program capacity and executing efficiency. This programmable logic controller also offers 100 kHz high-speed output. There is an option for counting functions.


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