Mitsubishi PLC CPU (FX3U-128MR/ES-A) Brands Mitsubishi Product Model: FX3U-128MR/ES-A




Description of this Product:
Mitsubishi PLC has introduced a new and latest series of PLC that is FX3U from their extremely popular family FX controllers. Mitsubishi PLC CPU (FX3U-128MR/ES-A) is a model of FX3U. The Mitsubishi PLC CPU (FX3U-128MR/ES-A) has plenty of useful features, and that is exceptionally configurable for a compact, all-in-one PLC. When it comes to compact programmable logic controllers, Mitsubishi is the global market leader. All over the world more than 10 million FX programmable controllers installed since the first one was introduced more than 30 years ago.

Mitsubishi PLC CPU (FX3U-128MR/ES-A) is a model of the FX3U series. This FX3U series is a recent installment to the FX family. But this FX3U is different from other series of FX family because in FX3U has some features. The one feature is, the special second adapter bus systems extend the existing bus, which means you can be able to add more than 10 extra buses. And the second feature is, you can expand the communication ports including Ethernet, USB, and RS-422 mini-DIN Connector. And these features make FX3U series is comprehensively good from other series of FX controllers family.


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